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                                                            Hillary Joblove, RD, LDN is a practicing Registered Dietitian and                                                                Florida State-Certified Dietitian/Nutritionist.  Hillary earned her                                                              undergraduate degree in psychology from Emory University.                                                                     She went on to complete her degree in clinical nutrition and                                                                      dietetics at New York University. There, she completed her                                                                          Dietetic Internship at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital. After                                                                   moving to Florida, ​Hillary worked as a Dietitian at Delray Medial                                                           Center providing medical nutrition therapy for gastrointestinal and                                                   cardiovascular disease, diabetes, oncology and critical care. She then                                              focused on counseling and educating patients with renal disease at DaVita.


Hillary’s mission is to combine her strong foundation in science with her love of exercise and healthy cooking to encourage wellness through personalized nutrition counseling, simple meal planning, and sustainable lifestyle adjustments. By working with clients to develop individualized plans and goals, Hillary’s aim is to take the mystery out of how to make healthy eating easy and delicious. She believes that balance and moderation are the keys to success regardless of whether the focus is on weight management, sports nutrition, cardiovascular health, diabetes, eating disorders, pre/postnatal nutrition, or digestive issues. Hillary is passionate about inspiring her clients to eat real, unprocessed foods, move more and have fun in the process. 


Clinical Nutrition (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, COPD, autoimmune diseases, osteoporosis) 

Weight Management